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I never really knew how bad I felt until I started my nutrition plan utilizing Herbalife® products. In my first three months, I lost 30 pounds! In total, I've lost 60 pounds - over ten years ago! And, my body used to require 8-10, sometimes 12, hours of sleep a night. Now, that my energy has increased so much, I only need 6-8 hours. And, the best part is I've decreased the floaties in my eyes and gained control of acid reflux conditions.**

In choosing to partner with Herbalife®, we're excited to hear about your story. We're here to support you in customizing your nutrition plan, that meets your needs and budget. 

We've recently partnered with LevelUP Nutrition, at 1275 N. Fairfield Rd., in the Fairfield Plaza. Contact us today to schedule a free sampling and wellness profile. Or, stop in, mention my name, and get half off our daily memberhsip.

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